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4 BBB Par Championships


 Handicap  Net
1st  B. Foster  + 10
   G. Foster
2nd  R. Nicholls  + 8
   C. Reiling
3rd  G. Birmingham  + 7
   Stuart McGregor
   Qualifiers for Sundays Final  + 5 and better


Nearest the Pins.


2nd  R. Murray         Birdies
9th  P. Smith  
10th    A. Emerson
14th  G. Foster  G. Foster, A. Peterson, P. Forrest
16th  M. Ryan  
18th  R. Jones  R. Jones, D. Nichols, D. Bosworth


Straightest Drive  A. Giles
Punters Hole 14th  G. Foster
Encouragement Award  S. Craig, S. Glenwright.  –  3 
Eagles  B. Hancock  13th  Stuart McGregor 15th

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