Saturday 21st December 2013 Xmas Event

22 Dec

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Saturday 21st December 2013        2 Person Ambrose Event



  Member / Member Gross H/cap Net
1st T. Thurgood 63 6 57
  D. Ritchie      
2nd P. Forrest 69 9 1/4 59 3/4
  R. Seers      
3rd M. Ryan 63 3 60
  M. Peterson      
  Member / Guest      
1st M. Hynes 69 9 1/4 59 3/4
  R. Beven      
2nd A. Carmody    c/b 69 9  1/4 59 3/4
  P. Carmody      
3rd M. Innes 64 2  3/4  61 1/4
  P. Harvey      


Nearest the Pins.


2nd R. Beven
5th S. Anderson  (snr)
9th L. Emerson
10th M. Ryan
14th I. Sevior
16th G. Vawdrey
18th D. Boyd


Xmas  Break Up Results


Xmas Items Holes Closest To The Item or Longest Drive
      Front Nine        Winners
 1st       H. Horwood
3rd       Anne Sevior
4th  Longest Drive.  Mens                                    A. Cartledge
                                 Ladies       A. Glenwright
6th       A. Glenwright
7th       Y. Sullivan
8th       A. King
Back Nine  
11th  Longest Drive.   Mens       J. Foster
                                  Ladiesd       S. Armstrong
13th       A. Glenwrigth
15th       W. Hoare
17th       P. Kirby



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