Saturday 21st September 2013

4 BBB Stableford



  Member/ Member  
1st P. Vennell /  G. Penhall    c/b 46
2nd A. Peterson / J. Slater 46
3rd N. Dellora/ L. Emerson 45


  Member/ Guest  
1st D. Rodgers / l. Smith     c/b 45
2nd G. Foster / S McAdam 45
3rd B. Sullivan / V. Nelson 42



Nearest the Pins.


  Nearest the Pins
2nd B. Foss
9th R. Storey
10th S. McAdam           Ladies. Y. Sullivan
14th L. Emerson           Ladies. S. Armstrong
16th R. McKenna
18th B. Green



  Straightest Drive M. Grace
  Punters Hole L. Emerson
  Birdie. R. McKenna
  Ferret S. Jones
  Sandy G. Waitlin

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