Saturday 27th July 2013

Stroke Event



A. Grade    Gross   H/cap  Net
1st  A. Cartledge       66
2nd  B.Duke       67
3rd  S. McGregor       69
B. Grade        
1st  D. Jennings       62
2nd  T. Harwood       68
3rd   M. Duke       69
C. Grade        
1st   T. Beacham       63
2nd   N. Myall       69
3rd   J. P.Tuender       70


Nearest the Pins.


    Nearest the Pins   Birdie Vouchers  
2nd   T. Steele     Birdie.   B. Duke
5th,   S. McArthur     Ferret.  T. Beacham
9th   R. Storey     Sandy.   P. Smith
10th   S. Fry    
14th   S. Bosworth   S. Bosworth, T. Steele
  P. Forrest,     T. Beacham
16th   B. Duke   S. McGregor, B. Duke  
18th   G. Weber   G. Weber, J. Foster,  


Straightest Drive   S. Fry
Punters Hole 14th   S. Bosworth
Encouragement Award   M. Bowes
Eagles.  T. Edwards


Saturday 27/7/2013 Ladies Strke Event



1st P. Muller 74
2nd Y. Sullivan  c/b 79
3rd S. Armstrong 82


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