Saturday 31st December 2011

 Stableford Results For Saturday 31/ 12/ 2011

 A.  Grade. 

1st  G. Whiting  39  c/b  P. Wilson 

3rd   S. McGregor 38

 B. Grade. 

1st  N. Delorra.  38     

2nd   R. Murray 37 

3rd    C. McPhan 36   

 C. Grade.   

1st    J. P. Tuender. 43     

2nd  J. Fisher 39  c/b  B. Kuiler  38 


Nearest the Pins. 

2nd     M. Innes.

9th     R. Jones

10th   O. Lewis 

14th   S. Glenwright 

16th   G. Whiting

18th   M. Kiellerup 

Punters.  S. Glenwright 

Straightest Drive. 12th   S. McGregor

Ladies Stableford Saturday 31st December.

1st      L. Frawley 35  c/b  A Glenwright 35

3rd    L. Brayshaw  34

4th     A. Haywood 33

5th     J. Lozogo 31


Nearest the Pins.

10th   L. Brawshaw.

14th     L. Frawley


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