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 Monthly Medal Stroke Event.   

A.   Grade. 

1st    R. Jones.  68 

2nd   P. Vennell. 69  c/b  T. Haywood. 

B. Grade. 

1st    R. Humphries.  68  c/b  K. Dobbin. 

2nd      N. Dellora.  69  c/b  P. Wilson.   

C.   Grade.  

1st    C. Perks.  68 

2nd   G. O,Donnell. 

3rd   L. Fletcher. 71 

Nearest The Pins. 

2nd     N. Dellora.

5th      C. McPhan. 2nd Shot.

9th      K. Dobbin.

10th    R. Humphries..

14th & Punters.  J. McArthur.

16th    P. Wilson.

18th    B. Kuiler.     

Straightest Drive. 12th    S. Fry


December Monthly Medal   –  to be decided by a play off next month between.

 R. Jones, K. Dobbin, R. Humphries.


November Monthly Medal Winner.    D. Armstrong after play off.

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