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Monthly Medal Stroke Event.   3rd March 2012

Stroke Event for March Monthly Medal

A.   Grade. 

1st    S. McGregor  67

2nd   S. Anderson (snr )  68

3rd    P. Staples   69  c/b  M. Long, M. Ryan, A. Dart, S. Pye 


B. Grade. 

1st    P. Kelly      69

2nd   A. Pha        70

3rd    P. Gladman 70  c/b  M. Grace    

C.   Grade.  

1st    E. Ellen     67

2nd   K. Kelly    68 c/b

3rd   M. Peterken  68 

Nearest The Pins. 

2nd     T. Haywood 

5th      M. Peterken. 2nd Shot. 

9th      M. Kiellerup

10th    M. Moore

14th  & Punters.  S. Gladman.

16th    A. Campbell

18th    P. Prenc.

Birdie.    A. Campbell.

Ferret.    A. Emerson. 

Sandy.    J. Foster.

Straightest Drive.  S. Gladman.


March Monthly Medal .   Play of next month.  S.McGregor  . E Allen.


Encouragment Award.  W. Burge.

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