Saturday 5th May 2013

1st Round Club Championships 2013
Monthly Medal

A. Grade Gross H/cap Net
1st T. Edwards 71 9 62
2nd D.Ritchie 75 9 66
3rd R. Storey c/b 73 6 67
M. Haywood, R. McKenna, T. Steele
B. Grade
1st A. Emerson 80 17 63
2nd J. Rues 78 14 64
3rd J. Thomas 79 14 65

C. Grade
1st J. Micich 98 33 65
2nd W. Nicholls 92 21 71
3rd J. McIninly c/b 92 20 72
S. Jones

Nearest the Pins.

Nearest the Pins Birdie Vouchers
2nd B. Sullivan Birdie. C.. McPhan
5th, A. Emerson Ferret. J. P. Tuender
9th L. McKenzie Sandy. M.Ryan
10th J. Slater S. Anderson (jnr)
14th A. Sevior Steve McGregor,
M. Haywood
16th T. Haywood
18th R. Storey S. Raski, S. Fry,
R, Storey, W. Nicholls, L. Skrypko, M. Innes

Straightest Drive R. Seers
Punters Hole 14th A. Savior
Encouragement Award M. Hynes (snr)

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