Saturday 9th November 2013

11 Nov

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Saturday 9th  June 2013.



A. Grade   H/cap Net
1st M.Peterkin    39
2nd S. Pye      c/b   38
3rd S. McGregor c/b.   38
  J. Foster   38
B. Grade      
1st A. Peterson   38
2nd J. Thomas   c/b   37
3rd R. Murray    37
C. Grade      
1st D. Boyd   38
2nd I. Sevior   34
3rd Z. Nicholls    c/b   34
  J. McIninnly   34


Nearest the Pins.


  Nearest the Pins Birdie Vouchers  
2nd M. Grace   Birdie.   J. Foster
9th S. Pye   Sandy.  G. Foster
10th J. Slater   Ferret.  V. Bath
14th R. Taylor    
16th J. Foster    
18th S. McGregor    


Straightest Drive H. Horwood
Punters Hole 14th R. Taylor
Magpie Ball 5th M. Peterkin

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