Saturday 20th August 2011

Saturday 20 / 8 /2011  Par Event.  

A Grade
1st  S. Bosworth + 5   

2nd C/B M.Haywood. + 5

 3rd R. Storey. +3   c/b J.Foster, D. Armstrong,  P. Staples

1st.  M.Grace +3   

 2nd.  c/b W. Nicols +3  

3rd.  D. Nicols +2  c/b A. Carmody

1st  V. Pierce. +4  

 2nd.  c/b J. Thomas. +4 

 3rd c/b T. Kelly. +4

Eagle 1st    J. Haywood.    4th  M. Kiellerup

Encouragement Award.   T. Thurgood -11

Nearest The Pin.

2nd.    T. Edwards.    9th.     S. Anderson.  (snr)    10th.  M. Moore.

14th & Punters
.D. Nichols.

16th. D. Ritchie. 

18th.  S. Bosworth.

Straightest Drive. 12th.    M. Haywood.

Donald Golf  Club. Visitors for the Day.

1st.   J. Lenaghan. Square
Encouragement Award. W. Livingston -13

Ladies Stableford

1st. Y. Sullivan 33    c/b M. Ayres

D. Foster 32

S. Armstrong 31

Nine holes. ( 10- 18)
D. Foster. 18

Nearest The Pin.

10th. D. McNulty.   

14th. D. Foster

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