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4 Person Scramble Ambrose Mens and Mixed



  Mens Nett
1st M. McBainL. McKenzieB. MortonS. Jones   55 3/4
2nd B. CassellsR. MurrayR. HobbsM. Grace  56 3/4
3rd N. RobertsonG. LangP. JeffreyA. Piurowoski   c/b   51 1/8
  T. Haywood.M. HaywoodP. Staples.J. Coughlan 51 1/8


  Mixed Nett
1st R. StoreyS. HenryH. LeechR. leeds  57 1/2
2nd D. ArmstrongS. ArmstrongM. Innes.D. McNulty  57 1/8
  1. Saviour
  2. Seviour
  3. James.

H. Horwood


  60 3/8


Nearest the Pins.


  Nearest the Pins
2nd P. Staples
9th H. Leach
10th J. Slater
14th B. Morton
16th B. cassells
18th M. Innes


Straightest Drive L. Dudley
Punters Hole 14th B. Morton

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