Sunday 30th October 2011

Men’s Ambrose Results Sunday 30 / 10 / 2011

 1st        M. Innes, P. Wilson, V. Gibson, R. Dunne 53  3/8

2nd      S. Powell, C. Robertson, S. Godfrey – Roberts, W. Inves.  54

 3rd       K . Dunne, M. Park, J. Erbarcher, G. Brown.  55 7/8


Mixed Ambrose.

 1st      B. Foss, S. Jones, Y. Sullivan, J. Miller. 51 ¾

 2nd      C. Fara, R. Hudson, D. Hudson, G. Hudson.  57

 3rd    H. Leech, D. Leech, B. Drake, R. Storey. 58 1/2


Nearest The Pins.

 2nd         L. Bellis.

10th      R. Horwood.

14th        W. Hinves.

16th        K. Dunne.

18th        J. Lozogo


Straightest Drive.      B. Beseler.

Nearest the Pin on the 18th  ( for Tournament week.)  D. Foster


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