Tuesday 20th March 2012

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Stableford Results For Tuesday  20/ 03 / 2012

 1st     L. Emerson. 41 

2nd    P. Medic    40    c/b   J. Toering    40

  Nearest the Pins. 

14th    B. Morton 

18th    R. Lee  

Sandy, Ferret, Birdie Draw.  G. Weber. 

Mystery Draw  R. Lee

Ladies Stroke Event  20/3/2012

1st   Round WGV Silver Spoon.

1st   Round Mona McLeod Brooch.

Monthly Medal.

Putting Competition.

A. Grade.

1st   A. Glenwright 67   ( M/Medal )

2nd     D. Foster    71

3rd      M. Ayres   73

B. Grade.

1st     B. Bellman  74

2nd    G. Shannon  75

3rd      M. Bosworth

C. Grade

1st     B. Waight   77

2nd    A. Jebranek   78

3rd     L. Heagney  79

Nine Holes.  (1-9)    M. Ayres 36

Putting.  A. Glenwright

Nearest the Pins.

2nd  and 10th  D. Foster.

14th   L. Frawley.


4th   M. Ayres.

8th   D. Foster

12th.  L. Frawley. 


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