Tuesday 20th May 2014

20 May

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Stableford Event Tuesday 20th May 2014

A Grade                Name Nett
1st A.Cartledge 41
2nd G.Foster 39
3rd D.Ritchie 37


Nearest the Pins  
14th A.Peterson  
18th B.Green  
Birdies 1st  N.Edwards
  12th D.Staples
Sandy, Ferret, Birdie   Y.Sullivan


Ladies Stroke Final Rd Championship Tuesday 20th May  2014

A Grade                Name Nett
1st C.Shannon 70
2nd E.Frawley    c/b    72
  S.Armstrong   c/b 72
  B.Bellman        c.b 72
  D.Foster 72
Nine Holes E.Frawley 37.5


Nearest the Pin
2nd  B.Bellman
14th D.Foster
16th A.Glenwright
Birdies      2nd B.Bellman
                   11th D.Foster
Championship Results  
A.Grade E.Frawley      256
  D.Foster        264
B.Grade Y.Sullivan      311
  G.Shannon    315
C.Grade A.Jebramek    378
54 Nett E.Frawley       217

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