Tuesday 25th March 2014

26 Mar

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Stableford Event Tuesday 25th March 2014

A Grade                Name Nett
1st A.King      41
2nd T.Thurgood     c/b 40
3rd A.Peterson 40


Nearest the Pins  
14th M.Innes Ball Run,J.Rues, G.Vawdrey, D.Ritchie, P.Smith
18th J.Slater  
Eagle 10th A.King      ( Hole in One )
Sandy, Ferret, Birdie R.Lee  


Ladies 2nd  Rd  Lin Phillips Trophy, 1st Rd WGBD Spoon

 Stableford  Event Tuesday 25th March  2014

A Grade                Name Nett
1st Y.Sullivan  35
2nd J.Logozo 34
3rd A.Glenwright 33
1st C.Dobbin       c/b 35
2nd B.Bellman 35
3rd M.Bosworth 32
4th  B. Shears         c/b 30
  A.Jebramek 30
Nine Holes C.Dobbin      c/b 20
Nearest the Pins 14th M.Staley  
  16th D.Foster  


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