Tuesday 4th Febuary 2014

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Stableford Event Tuesday Febuary 2014

A   Grade                Name Handicap Nett
1st B.   Thompson   44
2nd H.   Horwood   42
3rd M.   Innes   36


Nearest   the Pins
14th B.   Thompson
18th N.   Edwards


Birdie   18th M.   Innes
Sandy,   Ferret, Birdie H.   Horwood


Ladies Stableford Event Tuesday 4th Febuary 2014

A   Grade                Name Nett
1st J.Logozo 33
2nd D. Foster 32
3rd E. Frawley 31
B.   Grade    
1st B. Bellman 35
2nd A.Sevior               c/b 33
3rd   C.Dobbin, B. James 33
C.   Grade    
1st A.Jebramek            35
2nd M.Stayley               c/b 34
3rd B.Shears,L.Heagney 34
Nine   Hole CompetitionThursday   26th   J.Logozo 21   points


Nearest   the Pins
2nd M.Stayley
14th A.Jebramek
16th   A.Glenwright


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