Saturday 23rd July

  4BBB Par Championships Results Saturday 23 / 7 / 2011 

Qualifying Round. 

R. Seers and S. McGregor plus 11.  c/b   R. Storey and T. Kelly plus 11

c/b   K. Dobbin and J. Marshall plus 11 

S. Gladman and L. Smith,  c/b   L.Sevior and J.Mcinnly plus 10 

D. Bosworth and H. Stevenson, C.McPhan and L.Emerson,

P. Smith and N. Edwards, R. Lee and P. Vennell,

R. Heron and R. Horwood plus 9

Encouragement Award  :-  S. Craig and G. Whiting.  Square.


Ladies Par Event 23/7/2011.

D.McNulty  Square 

Y. Sullivan minus 1 

 P. Muller minus  2        

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